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lara%20duttaIt is a fact and everybody knows it that what happened to the dusky bombshell Lara Dutta in Shah Rukh Khan’s Billu where she plays the non-glamorous central role of the film. But she was not there in any of the publicity before the movie’s release. Even many did not know that Lara was in the film. Only the three girls – Kareena Kapoor,Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were promoted in the publicity. The trio has done the item songs for the film. Lara was much upset with that. Now she is feeling the same with the upcoming, ‘Blue’. She has become suspicious for it.

She is much worried about the publicity of ‘Blue’. The film will soon be released and the publicity is on the verge of starting. Three actors and two actresses are in this movie. The presence of the singer Kylie Minogue further makes her suspicious that whether the same (like Billu) might happen with this one also during the publicity. The other actress of the film is Katrina Kaif who is also very popular, glamorous and sexy.

And though she came much later than Lara in the industry but has high value than her. So this also makes her worried that she might hog the limelight. So she has already requested the makers to let her show the publicity and promos before they start.

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