Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif fight on an important issue : the weighty

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A funny thing happened when Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif met recently at a suburban gym they both go to. Though they knew each other, they have only recently become friends because they are jointly attending speech and acting workshops that Sanjay Gadhvi has organised for them prior to their shooting 7 Days in Paris.

Evidently, Katrina was ragging Imran, saying she was both taller and heavier than the Jaane Tu… charmer. Not to be left behind, Imran, who can be awfully serious sometimes, took this as a challenge and set out to prove that she was wrong on both counts.

A measuring tape and a weighing machine were produced and what do you know? Imran was right. Not only is he taller than Katrina, he also weighs five kilos more than the lissome lass.

We hear Sanjay is breathing a sigh of relief on hearing this. After all who would want a taller and heavier heroine for a romantic comedy?

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